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Everyone needs a little guidance when planning a vacation, or trying to decide on out of town accommodations. Hopefully this will help a bit…especially if you are new to the vacation rental experience. Here are some things to consider and questions to ask yourself before you pay that deposit:

  • Are the photographs accurate? Make sure that you are seeing is what you will actually get. Keep in mind that anything can be done to photographs these days, inaccurately portraying what a home may really look like. Ask if the photos are up-to-date and if not, ask what exactly has changed. Also ask if there are any additional photos that can be sent.
  • Are there guest reviews? Are these in house or third party? Before renting a place, you should always read reviews of guests who have actually823a-dining-view3 stayed in the property you are thinking about. If these reviews are from a third party reputation manager, such as www.flipkey.com, you can be 100% certain that the reviews are unbiased and true. In-house reviews (collected by the management company) areprobably true and accurate as well, but do not have that third-party verification.
  • How close is the rental to the sand? Many companies tell you that their rentals are “on the sand” or “beach front” when in fact, they are across the street. Find out exactly where the rental is in reference to the sand.
  • Does the rental provide WiFi? TV(s)? DVD Player? Stereo? Find out exactly what sort of entertainment amenities will be provided, so you don’t come expecting something and find that it is not there.
  • Does the property management company offer rentals such as bicycles and surfboards? Are beach chairs and boogie boards provided.
  • Are there outdoor showers? This is an especially important question for beach front homes…there is nothing worse than tracking in sand to your beautiful clean rental.
  • What is the bedding configuration? How many does it sleep, exactly? Have a print out of the floorplan and make sure that it will work for you and your group. You do not want to arrive and realize that one couple has to sleep on the floor.
  • What happens if there is a problem with the rental, or we are unsatisfied? Find out what the procedure is if there is a problem or maintenance issue with the rental…will the company switch you to something else? Refund you part of the rent? Do nothing?
  • Are the rentals owned by the rental company or by individuals? Many times, if rentals are owned by the rental company, things are kept up-to-date and issues are resolved faster, as the company does not have to go through an owner to get approval for things. You are also dealing with the first party rather than the third.
  • What is there to do walking / short driving distance from the rental? If what you want is an excluded home miles from anything, then you don’t have to worry, but if you want to get out and explore the surrounding areas, find out how accessible everything is.
  • Is there a catering service or private chef offered? Most companies can recommend caterers and private chefs for your use.
  • Is there a return customer discount? If you book once with a company, you’d hope they would welcome you back year after year with a great customer discount.


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